The Present Finder features Gin and Tonic massive glasses and flutes for champagne and prosecco

The Present Finder is a store that specializes in gift ideas. For champagne lovers, they have put on sale a massive flute glass that can hold the entire bottle of prosecco or champagne!

The prosecco or champagne flute Giant Glass has a capacity of 750ml and its dimensions are, height 29.5 cm and diameter 7.5 cm approximately. The Present Finder thinks it’s ideal for those extra special celebrations, or that this gift will be perfect if the person is simply too fabulous to queue up and refill their glass.

Always remember to consume moderately. However, this new flute comes in a fabulous gift box, so it’s a great gift, even if you just want to give something fun and out of the ordinary. But these are not the only massive glasses that The Present Finder makes, you can also find special glasses for Gin and Tonic.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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