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After saving her life, these doctors have a cocktail named after them

At bar Japp’s in Cincinnati, CEO Jen Watts honored the doctors who saved her life by creating cocktails with their names.

After saving her life, these doctors have a cocktail named after them

The list of cocktails with names of the doctors who saved Jen Watt’s


It’s a strange thing bartenders do,” explains Watt’s. “Naming cocktails after people“. These doctors are the professional team at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. They were able to save Watt’s life after an attack on the street. Between life and death a quick surgery and a hard work managed to bring her back to life.

Cocktails are named after:

Dr. Rani Nasser – the surgeon, prefers the Negroni and drink Hendrick’s Gin. His cocktail is the Rani Nasser’s Negroni.

Andrea Thomas – Nurse practitioner in neurotrauma, coordinated the recovery of Watt’s. Her drink has Andrea Thomas has jalapeño for its strength and cucumber for its freshness.

Dr. J.K Ellis – neuro-ophthalmologist, helps Watt’s with sensory overload. His cocktail is Blinker for being an eye doctor.

Dr. Erica Birkly – the psychologist who helped Watt’s psychological recovery and post-traumatic disorder. Her cocktail has rum, vanilla, cloves, lemon, bitter, and sparkling wine, “to recreate the bubbles… it’s the best, she likes rum with coke.

Finally the Diane and Kathleen – therapists Gibboney and Sawyer, helped her in speech recovery and walking. Her cocktail is a twist on the classic Corpse Reviver.




Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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