Alcohol consumption prohibited on flights to the United Arab Emirates

The rule may seem a bit incongruous but it is very real and must be taken seriously. The British Embassy in the United Arab Emirates has also communicated on the subject by clearly specifying to tourists the ban on not drinking alcohol on a flight to Dubai. This decision is explained by the fact that one can bear rested in the country if is surprised drunk or under the influence of alcohol.

This mishap happened to a woman who was arrested for a month for drinking wine on the plane that took her from Britain to the United Arab Emirates. For tourists who would like to taste an alcoholic drink in Dubai, they would have to go to a place that has a license. However, be careful not to be noticed under the influence of alcohol on pain of causing an arrest. As for non-Muslim residents, they need a license that allows them to consume alcohol. Non-residents for their part can not have access to such a document.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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