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A glance at the current period in the bartending profession and in bars

In an article by Franck Stassi, Ugo Jobin from Ugo&Spirits shares his vision of the current situation: what is the bartender’s profession like and what will it be?

We are going through difficult times due to the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic that have placed everyone, regardless of sector, in difficult situations. The bar industry is not left behind, and its players, including bartenders, are questioning its future.

Ugo Jobin is the founder and president of Ugo&Spirits, a company that brings together events, equipment and consumables sales, consulting and training – around bars and spirits.


Franck Stassi: What is your view of the current period?

Ugo Jobin: We had lives that went by the hour! As far as activity is concerned, this sudden stop is a disaster. Self-employed, employees, company directors, we are all stuck and above all, we are all on equal footing. And yet, we left to have a good year. For the establishments, it is the final blow after the “yellow jackets” and the strikes. I also wonder about the value of the work afterwards. How much does a specialized lawyer, a tax expert, a photographer, a consultant, a marketing director… What is the value for the business? We left the world before and we won’t find it again.


What will happen after?

At the end of the crisis, at the beginning of the new school year, we will have a profound change in consumption patterns: teleworking has become a fact. We will no longer go out and pile into shopping malls. We will have time to get our groceries delivered, but not only that. Ready to drink is going to be part of it. Restaurants may be able to accommodate fewer people, but they will be able to serve, for example. I see this as a real opportunity to clean up the “dark kitchen” phenomenon and regain control over delivery sales and our economy, which was focused on the race for productivity. For me, working on their offer, the packaging, the tools and of course their history and image will be what is at stake for the restaurants.

Read the full interview in the article by Franck Stassi Ugo Jobin : “le barman doit redevenir un professionnel de l’hospitalité”.


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