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Amazing! KitKat Japan creates a “Whisky Barrel Aged” KitKat

KitKat Japan has developed an edition based on cocoa beans aged in whisky barrels.

In Japan, Kit Kat has created flavors that are adapted to the Japanese palate ranging from cherry to matcha. Now KitKat Japan has aged the cocoa beans in a Scotch whisky barrel for 180 days. The very limited edition of this chocolate is called “Whisky Barrel Aged” and joins the more than 400 varieties of KitKat flavors.

The production of this chocolate comes directly from the KitKat Chocolatory factory, where its creation has been supervised by the famous Japanese confectioner Yasumasa Takagi. The KitKat Chocolatory stores are a laboratory and store accessible to the public where custom-made KitKat chocolates are produced.

Photo: KitKat Chocolatery

No doubt this new chocolate promises to delight purists and whisky enthusiasts. The chocolate was produced with cocoa beans aged for 180 days in barrels whose function was to age the whisky. Each week, they manually turned the barrels to ensure that each bean brushed against the barrel.

The barrels used come from none other than the famous island of Islay. Some of the best whiskies in the world are produced on Islay. These barrels of Islay give cocoa from Ghana “a wonderful and unique smoky taste, and have a rich taste that makes it perfect for mixing with more complex aromas”. He explained the brand. This combination results in a bitter chocolate. It is ideal “for adults who can appreciate the aroma and delicate taste of whisky”.


The first one made abroad

According to Nestlé Japan, this is the first KitKat Chocolatory product manufactured abroad. It also contains rare cocoa beans, so it will only be sold in winter. This year’s batch will be available from 15 December in the seven KitKat Chocolatory stores in Japan, at a price of 300 yen (2.37 euros).


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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