ArcLight Cinemas now offer movie-themed cocktails

In order to become more and more competitive, the cinema chain ArcLight is stepping up its beverage game. Starting today, it will offer movie themed cocktail pop-up menus tailored to the screenings.

The L.A. ArcLight cinema is about to start a series called Lights, Camera, Cocktail, which will enable you to watch screenings of cult movies and to choose from three cocktails inspired by each film to sip during your movie night.

The cinema will get the series started with Goldfinger, along with surprising golden drinks by Bar Clacson to fit in with the theme.

The Bibo Ergo Sum cocktail bar will also take part in the project: it’s no surprise since its owner belongs to the family which founded ArcLight.

Other must-see movies will have their moment: if you haven’t seen Inception, Kill Bill, Scarface or The Blues Brothers yet, then book your ticket!

The entry is 40$ per person and includes the three themed cocktails, popcorn as well as the admission to the movie. You can by your tickets either in person, or online in advance.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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