Yamaguchi. Asahi Shuzo takes action for the victims of the floods in Japan

The sake is a very popular drink in Japan, just like Asahi Shuzo, a company which produces it under the Dassaï’s brand. Asahi Shuzo released, recently « Dassaï Shima Kosaku », a variant which aims to support the Japan floods victims. This disaster that happened in July in the western side of the country left many people homeless. Whole families having lost their house and being lacking what to feed. It is about helping these victims that « Dassaï Shima Kosaku », in bottles of 720 ml is delivered on the market.

This range “Shima Kosaku”, is not chosen at random, because it is the name of a very well-known manga in Japan. The illustration of the label is made by the author of the comic with the image of his hero on the bottle. The purpose of this operation is to sell most bottles of « Dassaï Shima Kosaku » to put back the profits generated to the victims of the floods. In order to optimize the accessibility of the product, it’s proposed with a very affordable sale price of 200 yen, corresponding to approximately 1, 58 euros.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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