Cann’Elie: the machine that will revolutionize your cocktails!

Rum lovers have something to look forward to! On November 8, Hôtel Monte Cristo opened the first rum bar in Paris: 1802. This bar offers you no less than 500 references of spirits, all selected by our dear Alexandre Vingtier. In addition to tasting tasty beverages, we were able to discover a surprising object: a machine for extracting cane juice.

The Cann’Elie brand guarantees you to drink a 100% natural juice, extracted from cleaned, peeled canes from Vietnam or Martinique. The concept is simple: you insert your sugar cane into the opening of the machine, which grinds it and gives you a concentrated juice. As Alexandre Vingtier explains, he wanted to have this machine in this bar in order to be able to use this sweet juice to enhance cocktails. A machine that will delight restaurants, cafés, nightclubs, pubs, smoothie bars, or caterers.

In addition to being succulent, cane juice is known for its energetic and thirst-quenching properties. Enriched with Vitamins B, C and Omega 3 and 6, it ensures the proper functioning of cells, tissues, muscles, nervous system, heart and liver. “Green gold” promotes cell growth and regeneration, and is a natural anti-inflammatory. So many good reasons to consume it!

“Cann’Elie” was born from the meeting between Elie Gomba, a sugar cane enthusiast, and Christophe Luijer, owner of the “Sokanaa” brand, and engineer-designer of the juice extractor. Elie’s passion for sugar cane was passed on to Elie by his grandfather, Joseph Mencé, who was awarded the agricultural gold medal in 1984. The family farm currently produces 600 tonnes of sugarcane per year.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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