Casked Aged Gin by Opyos was crowned best gin of Luxembourg

Gin Club Luxembourg selected the best Luxembourg gin, blindfolded, by a panel of experts who chose Casked Aged Gin from Opyos in first place. Learn more here.


With the euphoria of gin, the Luxembourg country also participates in the distillation of the British and Nordic drink. Opyos, recently launched on the market (since 2016) conquered the experts with two editions of its gin: Casked Aged Gin in first place and Opyos Dry Gin in third place. Gruber’s handcrafted gin took second place in the competition.

Casked Aged Gin by Opyos was crowned best gin of Luxembourg

The winners were selected in two tasting stages. A tasting of dry gin and a tasting of gin accompanied by a neutral tonic. It should be noted that the selection was made blind.

Opyos produces its gin with local sloe, rose hip, blackberry, elderberry, elderflower, rose flower, honey, Scots pine… It is recommended to taste both dry gins with a large ice cube in the glass.

Gin Club Luxembourg aims to promote awareness of gin in Luxembourg and participate in cultural, gastronomic and tourist events to bring together gin lovers.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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