Cédric and Sylvie produce the first “made in Ciney” gin: it will taste like a blue pumpkin !

During the 9th Fête de la Courge de Corbion, Cédric and Sylvie presented their very first pumpkin-flavoured gin. It is made in Ciney, near Leignon, using fresh and natural products. On this occasion, in addition to the usual activities and the multitude of cucurbits, you will be able to discover an extraordinary new product: the first gin “made in Ciney”.

This is already an event in itself, but it has another asset than its origin, and not the least. Indeed, thanks to a collaboration with Philippe Lhoas, horticulturist and organizer of this celebration, this Cinacian gin will have the flavour of pumpkin. And not the orange pumpkin, not the blue one. It makes you want to taste it!

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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