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Coronavirus: Heineken France affected by the closure of bars and cafes

The Dutch brewer is concerned about the health of French bars and cafes as his business is affected by the coronavirus.

Heineken, who started off on the right foot in 2020 in France, lost his momentum after the arrival of Covid-19. Pascal Gilet, general director of Heineken France, confirms this fact and says that the recovery will be difficult. In any case, losses originating in bars and cafes will not be compensated by in-store performance. Gilet also anticipates a loss of profitability.

At present, the brewer is concentrating on the large distribution. In fact, retail on large distribution was very dynamic, with a much appreciated progression. In figures: +6 % in volume, +11.4 % in value at the end of August according to IRI. Despite these positive numbers, consumption outside the home will not be substantial for the brewer so as to recover from past losses.


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