Can you tell the difference between crémant and champagne? Find out reading this article

Can you tell the difference between a crémant and a champagne? We give you some clues to discover in our article.

Because, in this new edition I give you three reasons why you should read this article from La Revue du Vin, Quelle est la différence entre un champagne et un crémant ? by Fabrizio Bucella and Geoffrey Avé in which you will learn about:

  1. The differences between champagne and crémant
  2. Where does each one come from? What makes them different?
  3. Is there an actual difference between the process of making a champagne and a crémant?
  4. Champagne and cémant tasting

The article is written in collaboration with Fabrizio Bucella, who is a doctor of science and professor at the University of Brussels.



Marie-France S


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