The covid-19 effect causes a 13% drop in French alcohol exports

The first half of 2020 the French wine and spirit export sector revealed negative figures of -13% and – 24% respectively.

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the surcharge imposed by the United States on French alcohols weighed on exports in the first half of 2020. On the one hand, the fall in volume was 13% while in value it was -24%.

To explain the seriousness of the crisis the sector is going through, César Giron, the new president of the French Wine and Spirits Export Federation (FEVS), had a meeting with the delegate minister in charge of foreign trade and attractiveness. During this meeting, César Giron stressed that the FEVS has been waiting “for a year” for concrete support from the government. Furthermore, that it is necessary “to avoid any escalation of trade sanctions with the United States. This would only aggravate an already particularly difficult situation for companies”.

Among other risk situations for the sector, César Giron mentioned that a possible “no deal” requires “preparing a solution that will allow for the maintenance of fluidity in the exchange of wines and spirits” with the country. Giron also urged the strengthening of the European Union’s trade policy. “Our companies have an essential role to play in the rebound of the French and European economy“.


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