Coronavirus: more hand sanitizer made from Chartreuse elixir

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Ethanol from distillers can save lives! Forward this information to whoever is a distiller or has ethanol. Hospital and people are missing disinfectant, and the most important gesture right now is to keep clean hands and not touch our face.

All over the world, if you are a producer of spirits,know that you can save lives by giving or selling your ethanol!

Contact your nearest hospital or call the government sanitary offices of your country, they will guide you to do this.

Please be careful to whom you give your ethanol to. People are taking advantage of the situation by selling very high price hand sanitizer and disinfectant.

Ethanol is a virucide in a 65-80% ethanol hydroalcoholic solution. 1 litre of pure ethanol is equivalent to 500 hand washes. The objective is to inform about local initiatives such as large mobilizations. Modes of mobilization: ethanol production, hydroalcoholic solutions for cutaneous and surface use, partnerships, etc.

Last week the Chartreux made 10,000 litres of alcohol available to the Grenoble hospital pharmacy. But more hand sanitizer is to be made in place of the liqueurs repopularised by Quentin Tarentino.



More hand sanitizer is made from the alcohol used for the French liqueur made by the Carthusian monks, the Chartreuse. After a large donation of 10,000 litres of alcohol during the week of March 23rd to the pharmaceutical centre of the hospital in Grenoble, a new batch sees the day. These sanitizer packages in bottles of Chartreuse elixir, quite a symbol! Chartreuse elixir, transformed into a viricude, exists since 1737 according to a recipe dating back to 1605.

Coronavirus: more hand sanitizer made from Chartreuse elixir

Source / Photo: Alexandre Vingtier

There are currently 723 732 cases of coronavirus in the world. Recently, many distilleries have announced the donation of alcohol and ethanol to create hand sanitizer. Today, this product is a must for disinfecting our hands, utensils and surfaces from the virus.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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