Shortage of hand sanitizer: distilleries could save lives

At Spirits Hunters we hope that you are all safe and sound in these times of great anxiety and we wish you well and hope you are sheltered.

The battle against coronavirus is still on whilst the world faces hand sanitizer shortage. What part could distilleries play to save lives? Find out here.

We know how vital hand washing becomes in these times. And in view of the rapid shortage of hand sanitizer gel, we should all know that distillers can save lives from coronavirus.

Because most distilleries have ethanol in their possession, they can offer it to pharmacies and hospitals to produce hand sanitizer gel. We have seen this in several countries all over the world. In fact, some distilleries have offered their ethanol to make gel and some. For instance, in the US, some made gel and donated it on site of their distilleries, because distillers can save lives!

However, it should be noted that it only concerns the distribution of 96% ethanol which is the level required to produce hand sanitizer according to the WHO. Distillers bigger or small should be able to distribute ethanol to save lives right now.

We believe that the distribution of ethanol to pharmacies and hospitals must be allowed. In order to produce hand sanitizer on a larger scale, and thus be able to disinfect us and fight against this disease in every way possible. So remember, most distilleries around the world should be able to distribute their ethanol, and save lives!


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