The Isle of Harris Distillers gin distillery: strengthening social ties

“G is for Gin (and good)” The Isle of Harris Distillers gin distillery strengthens social ties in Scotland, participating in the growth of its community while involving it in the process.

Mike Donald is a storyteller for Isle of Harris Distillery. Recently, in an interview with The Gin Cooperative, he recounted the distillery’s involvement process to help the community grow, while involving local people and creating new traditions.

It all began in 1950 when the decline of the island’s population posed a threat, having been reduced by half. The distillery was built for the purpose of, in addition to producing good gin, creating works for the moment and subsequent generations.

Known as the “social distillery,” Isle of Harris relies on local people and the community for the gin production process. Distilling, bottling, packing, expedition… all operations take place on the island. This creates more local jobs in different areas. Also, the distillery organizes talks in schools, promotes and supports the local economy and the tourism industry. In addition, Harris staff participates as volunteers in community projects.

By working with others in our community, we hope that together we can address the issues surrounding population decline. And create something that will encourage the next generation of young people to stay here at Harris. Build a life and a future with access to good jobs, training, skills and opportunities. -Mike Donald.


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