This distillery produces gin and vodka from locally grown bio-dynamic triticale

High Spirits grain to glass philosophy based distillery sources grains from the South West farming region of Australia. On site, the distillery uses 100% Bio-Dynamic Triticale to mill, mash and distill their gin and vodka.

Mike Caban and his brother Jade started this unique project, the only distillery in Australia, and second one in the world, to use 100% unmalted triticale. Today since 2017 the distillery which started as a small batch business is continuosly growing stronger.

Indeed, Mike Caban confirms on a interview with FarmWeekly : “I’m a chef by trade and have always had an interest in distilling, but then a few years ago Jade and I went to a whiskey tasting evening, and after a few whiskeys decided we wanted to start a business together. We were still keen the next day and got straight into investigating our options, looking at licence requirements and coming up with a business plan.

Their product creation took quite much research as works on triticale are scarce. Only one distillery in Canada has experience with this grain. The Caban brothers managed to release their first batch 12 months after working through the grain’s particularity to produce a viscose mash after being milled and cooked.

The process included fermentation before being distilled as a vodka on one hand. On the other hand, the dry gin had to be redistilled with botanicals added.

Since their participation in the London Spirits Competition, High Spirits lifted off, winning three trophies and a gold medal, besides their dry gin received a score of of 96 out 100. Mr. Caban adds that it had been a steep learning curve to get the business up and running.

But besides producing gin and vodka, High Spirits also releases several microbatches each year. They are totally artificial free ingredients such as colors or flavors. For Caban, these microbatches represent an opportunity to create different flavors through a knowledge of food and drink pairing.

High Spirits distillery is set to participate in various events throughout 2019 and are aiming regional areas for tastings and showing people their 100 per cent grown grain.

High Spirits Distillery


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