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Covid-19: France locks down the country, bars and restaurants close until December 1st

President Emmanuel Macron announced yesterday a new confinement for France starting on Friday. Bars and restaurants will remain closed until December 1.


Bars and restaurants in France close

The President announced, as he did in March, the closure of establishments that receive the public. That is to say, meeting rooms, libraries, gyms, swimming pools, museums, showrooms… and bars and restaurants.

Bars and restaurants must close for at least one month, until December 1st. It should be noted that a similar measure was partially imposed on the departments under curfew. It began on October 16, forcing bars and cafes that could not offer restaurants to close. Instead, restaurants limited their hours by adapting to the curfew from 9:00pm to 6:00am.

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To curb the contamination of Covid-19, “businesses that have been defined in the spring as non-essential, public reception establishments, including bars and restaurants, will be closed,” President Emmanuel Macron announced during his speech on the 8 p.m. news on Wednesday.

Despite the lockdown, however, restaurants that deliver meals can continue to work to prepare orders. Meanwhile, liquor stores will remain open. In addition, “employees and employers who are unable to work will continue to benefit from short-time working,” the head of state added. This Thursday, Prime Minister Jean Castex is expected to give details of this four-week reconfirmation during a press conference.


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