You can taste the world’s rarest whisky in these bars

We know that the rarest whisky bottles that parade in auctions (Macallan 1926 for $1.1 million) will be somewhat unattainable. Therefore, to give you a taste, you can taste the world’s rarest whisky in this bar in Miami.

The Speakeasy AMA in Miami offers cocktail tasting for $95 per person. But going to a place like this for which you need to book 2 months in advance, deserves a tasting of the Amakase Ultra Rare Vintage Pairing, for $220. This dinner proposes a 1969 Suntory Reserve Limited, the 1985 Nikka Tsukuba Expo and the 1982 Suntory Kakubin. Owner Brad Kilgore says, “These are no longer produced and are extremely difficult to find.

Moving to another part of the globe, we find a place to taste really rare bottles. At the Acme Bar & Company in Berkeley, California. You can enjoy a personalized whisky tasting experience starting at $60 per person. Prices may increase depending on your experience. You can taste whisky with fine chocolates, charcuterie and cheese for the rarest bottles. It is advisable to book a few weeks before the desired date.

Another much more expensive but equally charming and sophisticated place is the £10 bar at the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel. If you wish for a dram of Macallan 72 years old in Lalique, -the oldest in the world- you will pay for 30 ml of this legend 12,000$ while 15 ml costs 6,000$. But the bar thanks to its exclusive partnership with Macallan has other bottles like the 65 year old Macallan ($5,000 a glass) and Macallan 57 years old in Lalique.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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