In this hotel you can taste the oldest Macallan whisky

Looking for the oldest Macallan whisky? In this Beverly Hills hotel you can taste the oldest version of Macallan whisky launched by the distillery.

A dram of 72 year old Macallan 72 years old in Lalique whisky may be the most desired drink by a fan of this spirit. The oldest version of Macallan was released in 600 samples at a price of $60,000 each. He finds his place in the £10 bar at the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel. But the price to pay for this delicacy may disappoint some.

If you want a dram of Macallan 72 years old in Lalique, you’ll have to pay the price that might discourage you… yes, because an ounce of this legend costs $12,000 while half an ounce costs $6,000. But the bar through its exclusive partnership with Macallan has other bottles like the 65 year old Macallan ($5,000 a glass) and Macallan 57 years old in Lalique.

Your Macallan dram will be served in a luxurious Lalique glassware. In addition, an ice ball made of Scottish water with the inscription “£10” marked will fill your glass. In addition, you can enjoy wood smoked bacon, 26-year-old Gouda cheese and spicy pecans along with your drink. The food pairing dream…

But this luxurious and great pleasure is not the only thing £10 has to offer. Other bottles of Macallan include the 1824 Masters Series Reflexion, a lighter version of a delicately elegant Macallan scotch; and the Nick Savage 50 Years Old Single Malt, with green apple decadence, particularly unique as other whiskies from the distillery have no such taste.

Be sure to get your seat, since only 35 are available, and trust us, they book very fast.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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