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Covid-19: this bartender created a virtual tipping jar

All over the world, the Covid-19 leaves many bartenders and restaurant professionals unemployed. In Minnesota, this bartender, created a way of financial support.

Kristin Hilsgen is bartender House of Pizza, in Minnesota, United States. When she learned in March that the governor decided to close the bars and restaurants, she decided to act immediately.

I’m a mother, I have a family of four. I’m a single income earner, and I’ve been a bartender all my life,” she told WJON. “When this stay at home order started, and we were out of work for two weeks, I was like, ‘okay, we can do it for a couple of weeks, it’s fine. But when it extended to seven weeks, I thought, there’s a lot of us that are going to have some problems.”

So Hilsgen created a virtual pitcher on a Facebook page to collect tips. All donations become Gift Cards from department stores like Coborn’s and Target. These gift cards are distributed to unemployed bartenders so they can buy food, diapers or gas.

I know from my own experience how difficult it is, and how much it’s affected me, so I want to try to help people who are unemployed now.”

The virtual jar is a success so far. More than $1,000 has been collected and in addition, Hilsgen has received about $200 worth of gift cards donated via email.

Hilsgen adds that anyone who needs help can send a message to her Facebook page and he will do his best to help.

To help, you can visit the Central MN Nice Virtual Tip Jar Facebook page.

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