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Saleyards Distillery wins Best Spiced Rum in the World Award

The distillery that has spent the last few months producing hand sanitizer received an award at the World Rum Awards in London.

Saleyards Distillerie from Queensland, Australia, received the award for Best Spiced Rum, for their Capricorn rum. This is excellent news in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic and when the distillery is just resuming rum production. In fact, over the past few months, the distillery has been producing hand sanitizer for rural firefighters, police, doctors, local hospitals, schools and nursing homes.

We made hand sanitizer. When it was really needed. But it was a concern to try to produce it at a reasonable cost because we are so small,” said Warren Brewer, distiller and co-owner.

The judges at the World Rum Awards highlighted the properties of rum Capricorn. “Funky nose with exotic fruits and spices. Candied fruits on palate with a nice balance of spice. Very interesting. Nose is really complex and oozes quality and balance. The palate is quite vibrant, which is a nice surprise.”

Now that the hand sanitizer has diminished, we have a great demand for our rum During the chaos of hand gel production we received a lovely surprise from the World Rum Awards in London.” Said Catie Brewer, co-owner.

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