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Covid-19: this Spanish bartender asks bar customers to be careful

With the pandemic, bars have had to reinvent themselves and find the best way to welcome their customers. Borja Cortina asks for “help and understanding” from customers.

The hospitality industry, which has been hit hard by the pandemic, has had to modify the management of its businesses. Cleanliness and capacity control are one of the main rules to be able to welcome their customers in the right conditions.

*It’s tiring the new normal, not by cleaning tables, settling in, wearing the mask, using the gels, closing at 00:00 that too. Above all, I’m exhausted by the fact that we have to become bar police, “put on your mask to go to the bathroom” “wait to sit down”

I’m exhausted by the fact that we have to become bar police,” says Asturian bartender Borja Cortina. “If you have to wait a few more minutes is because you want us to clean the furniture thoroughly.” The bar manager of the cocktail bar ‘WarsawGijon’ and the restaurant ‘ElSieteGijon’ added. Borja Cortina was awarded best bartender in Spain in 2015 by the World Class Competition.

In his Twitter account the bartender wrote several tweets talking about the situation. “We have a lot to learn and improve and we need your help and understanding“. Borja Cortina took advantage of the networks to be able to express his thoughts and ask for patience from the customers. Above all, he finds it exhausting “having to become a bar policeman“.

Difficult tasks that add up to asking and reminding clients to “put their mask on to go to the bathroom”, or asking them to wait to sit down. “The new normal”, is certainly tiring.


Restrictions in bars and restaurants in Spain

Currently bars and restaurants in Spain can operate but following strict protocols according to the region in which they are located. For example, in Asturias bars and restaurants will be able to reopen their terraces from this Monday 14th December, with a maximum of four people per table. In Cantabria, the ban on consumption inside bars and restaurants will be extended until January 1. And in Catalonia, capacity of 30% in bars and restaurants, which may remain open until 21:30 and with a limit of four guests per table.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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