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It’s craft spirits week! Check out our best craft distilleries list

This week we are celebrating Craft Spirits Week. We bring you some of the best craft distilleries from different corners of the world.


Vodka Nadé – France

Grape-based vodka exists, and it comes from Bordeaux. Cédrik Nadé is the, founder of vodka Nadé, the first vodka made exclusively from Bordeaux grapes and distilled in the Cognac region. Cédrik Nadé’s ambition led him to create his first flagship product, Nadé vodka, at the age of 23, the first vodka aged in a barrel of red wine in the world.

Vodka Nadé uses grapes from the prestigious Bordeaux region. Each grape variety is carefully blended and selected. Cabernet-Sauvignon reveals its power, Merlot its suppleness, Cabernet-Franc its finesse, and Semillon asserts its nobility.



La Distillerie 1716: 1716 Bitters and Rhum – Martinique

La Distillerie 1716 is the ultimate expression of the authentic flavors of the Caribbean island of Haiti such as bitter oranges and sugar cane.

Among the Distillerie products we find the 1716 Bitters, which are made from rum and alcohols of Haiti produced from 100% pure organic sugar cane juice.

And also, the 1716 Rhums. Produced by craftsmen in limited quantity with a special emphasis on the quality of each batch. Furthermore, their different “Rhum Agricole” from pure organic sugar cane juice. These are produced with the same Haitian traditional technique, carried over from colonial days.

The rums of the 1716 Rhum Collection ranging from clairin, the Haitian traditional sugar cane spirit, to white rum, rhum agricole and aged rhums, are produced in a craft distillery in Haiti’s Central Plateau Region, then blended and bottled in Port-au-Prince. Clairin

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La Société Secrète – Canada

The craft distillery of Gaspésie, La Société Secrète, is tuned in the creation of very rare gin! Built on a base of barley and malted wheat from Quebec, it is a spirit to have in our collection. They infuse you with the aromas of a dozen wild herbs hand-picked on the Gaspésie Peninsula. It goes very well with an Automnique cocktail.


Imbibis Craft Distillery

From Australia,  Imbibis creates a wine based gin. The typically craft distillery creates the gin of the same name Imbibis in the style of “Modern Australian Gin”.

The gin is created by the distiller who has an expert past producing wine. So, logically, it became inevitable to use spirit-based wine to create Imbibis. And for yet other reasons: the wine based spirit has a very peculiar texture and mouthfeel that is unlike any other.



Smooth Ambler

Founded in 2009, the young Smooth Ambler distillery symbolizes the revival of craft American distilleries.

Almost ten years ago, John Little and his father-in-law embarked on the adventure of crat distillation. By creating Smooth Ambler in the heart of the Appalachians, they chose to rely on the resources of a state that is both mountainous and rural. Ideal for making a whiskey because the spring water is pure !

In addition, local agriculture produces quality cereals, so the surrounding farms provide them with maize, rye, malt and wheat guaranteed GMO-free. Today, Smooth Ambler heats the still 7 days a week and distills 7000 litres of brandy a day and ages them in new American white oak barrels.

Craft Spirits Week


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