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Covid-19: three England pubs closed after reopening

Bars and pubs in England have just reopened their doors, but a few days later three pubs have closed following positive Covid-19 tests.

Several customers called at least three pubs in England after being confirmed positive by Covid-19. The pubs had of course implemented preventive measures against Covid-19. However, The Fox & Hounds of West Yorkshire announced the news on Facebook. The management confirmed that they received a call from a customer to confirm that, after his visit to the pub on Saturday, he tested positive for Covid-19.

The bar added to their statement that they are “waiting for further indications from the NHS and track and trace. We understand that this is a very scary time. But we want to ensure that our customer’s safety is our priority in these hard times.”

In addition, the pub confirmed that their staff are taking tests of Covid-19 and should have results within 24 hours. The pub, now closed, will undergo a thorough cleaning and will reopen “when it is safe to do so”.


Two more pubs have had to close after positive cases of Covid-19

Another venue in the same city called Vape Escape also closes temporarily. The venue got a call from a positive customer on Covid-19. However, the owner of the venue said that her staff got negative tests, and that the place was thoroughly cleaned.

The Village Home Pub in Hampshire also claimed to have closed for Covid cases. Their social network statement said: “We had a case of coronavirus in the pub. This means that some of us are isolated. The pub is now closed, but if all goes well we will open on Saturday. Anyone who’s been in the pub over the weekend doesn’t need to be isolated unless they show symptoms or are contacted by the tracing group.

Some pubs that opened on Saturday had to close early for some of their customers didn’t respect the rules of the venues. However, Simon Stevens the head of NHS says that most people have shown themselves to be sensitive towards the situation.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that “most people are doing the right thing. Many people have acted responsibly”.


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