Covid-19: UK pubs and bars will be able to sell alcohol and receive customers

Confinement measures have relaxed in the United Kingdom. From the 4th of July bars and pubs will be able to receive customers.

From 4 July pubs and bars in England, Ireland and Wales will be able to receive customers, provided they comply with safety regulations. Among them, keep the distance of 1 meter between people, previously of 2 meters, to avoid Covid-19 spreads.

In addition, bars in England will be able to use both inside and outside the establishment. Parking lots and terraces as eating and drinking areas are allowed.

Opening up outdoor spaces for meeting places could be a vital lifeline. And it could mean the difference between a successful reopening or business failures and job losses.” Says Kate Nicholls, chief executive of the UK Hospitality Group.

Establishments will be asked to collect contact details from their customers to use the “Track and Trace” device, should any cases of covid-19 be detected among customers or staff.

The government stressed that they will work hand in hand with the hospitality industry for this device and general measures.


The hospitality industry has been paralyzed since March 20 due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Although all bars and pubs will be able to open, many will be limited by distance regulations. Due to small spaces, some will be able to operate at up to 60% of their capacity.

Some will be able to operate at up to 60% of their capacity. Nicholls stresses that it is then vital to be able to count on government support for establishments that find it difficult to operate under the new measures. He also pointed out the importance of financial support. “We need financial support from the government. Otherwise some of these businesses will collapse right at the point where they are allowed to open again.

The final phase of the relaxation is scheduled for July 20, when hotel pubs, bars and pubs can reopen without having to serve food.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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