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Diageo launches sustainable glass bottle production plan

Diageo reinforces its environmental commitment with a pilot project that reduces the environmental footprint of glass by up to 90%.

The British spirits group partnered with Encirc and Glass Futures for this project, who have already worked with Black & White whisky as a test subject. These actions are part of Diageo’s commitment to the environment Society 2030: Spirits of Progress Plan.

A waste-fueled furnace reduced the carbon footprint of a glass bottle by up to 90%. A total of 173,000 bottles of Black & White were then produced from recycled glass, creating the greenest batch ever made for a Scotch brand.

Both companies will work to take this project to future productions. Notably, the project is part of the Energy Innovation Programme backed by the British government.

The project is led by John Aird, senior packaging technician. “We are committed to creating a sustainable future for our business. This includes finding new and innovative ways for our bottles and packaging to reduce the environmental footprint of our products.”

This trial is just a first step on the road to decarbonizing this aspect of our supply chain. And we still have a long way to go, but we are delighted with the results of the collaboration and the platform it creates for future innovations.”

Among other things, Diageo has agreed to partner with Glass Future for 10 years. They will work together to “accelerate collaboration and innovation in the glass industry.”

Diageo aims to achieve zero carbon emissions from all its operations by 2030.


Via The Spirits Business


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