Photo by Andres Haro Dominguez on Unsplash

Do you know how to choose your favorite whisky?

Photo by Andres Haro Dominguez on Unsplash

Whisky is a complex alcohol for some, easy for others. But would you know how to choose the aromatic profiles that go with your taste?

Diageo has put online a questionnaire that allows you to discover your whisky’s aromatic profile. This way you can find out which taste is most similar to your palate.

On by Diageo, you’ll find your profile. Here, an artificial intelligence whisky selector takes care of everything. The questionnaire guides you through 11 questions in which you must select what type of food you like? For example, smoked foods, and how often. Or for example, do you like chiles? Then, the questions continue about sweet, sour, acid tastes. Or fruits and nuts.

All these elements and many more will guide you to find out what your type of whisky is.

The result is a flavor wheel and different profiles that explain where your tastes take you. The questionaire ends up proposing three types of whisky.

Do you want to know your aromatic profile? Go to and find out now!


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