Do you know Salcombe Gin and their Gin Butler Experience ?

Gin is undoubtedly the favourite drink of Londoners. Over the years there has been a real admiration for this liquor which clearly identifies itself with the United Kingdom. Gin comes in several categories, some more prestigious than others. This is for example Salcombe Gin’s case that we had the opportunity to discover.

A meeting with Angus Lugsdin and Howard Davies, the founders of the brand has helped to learn more about the spirit. This is how we learned that Gin Salcombe is composed of 13 different plants that bring particular aromas and flavours. There is a taste of juniper, pine and red grapefruit that stands out clearly.

The success of this gin has been such that it has won several awards, including the San Francisco World Spirits, the Great Taste Awards, and the World Gin Awards, events that were held in 2017. It is also offered to those who wish it to live an unforgettable adventure with the Gin Butler Experience by paying 500 pounds for 6 people. Gin Salcombe also partners with the Southampton Harbor Hotel in order to share the liquor with its customers.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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