England. You should try these gin infused olives by Sligsby and Morrisons

The gin brand Slingsby and the supermarket and food chain Morrisons have teamed up for a summer creation: green olives infused with gin. It is an ideal gastronomic element for cocktails or salads.

The olives used are the Halkadiki, from Greece, more specifically from the northern region of the Halkadiki peninsula, adjacent to Mount Athos. They are large and pale and oval in shape. They are usually cultivated when they are still at a young mature stage. They are of very good quality and large enough to be filled.

Without a doubt, Slingsby and Morrisons knew how to choose a quality olive that creates a perfect marriage with gin, to create cocktails for the summer. It also has citrus notes. This allows you to create cocktails like a gin and tonic without adding lemon to your drink and preventing it from becoming “moldy”. Among other creations, Slingsby recommends to taste the olives on a Dirty Martini.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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