Etienne Truter: which sake for which meal?

Formerly Executive Chef at Hyatt Regency in Kyoto, Japan and Deputy Executive Chef at Grand Hyatt in Seoul, Etienne Truter is currently Executive Chef at Park Hyatt in Busan City, South Korea. Trained at the Culinary Academy in South Africa, he is very familiar with Japanese cuisine. Etienne Truter reveals here the different types of Sake that best accompany some of our Western meals.


The Sawaya matsumo shuhari omashi

Sawaya matsumo shuhari omashi is a typical Japanese sake. Etienne Truter advises it to go with mixed meals:

– of beetroot;

– of dried salmon;

– of poached Atlantic lobster medallions;

– of pickled vegetables;

– of olive oil;

– of caviar;

– and green garden vegetables.

Sawaya matsumo shuhari omashi brings a little creaminess and a nice spicy feeling to these meals.

The Sawaya matsumo ultra

Sawaya matsumo ultra is recommended for meals such as truffled scrambled eggs or crab tartar. These French meals go perfectly with this sake.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.