France houses the best dark beer in the world

France can continue celebrating their pride as world champions not only in football, but also in beer.

The “Tha … Wack” from Frog Brewer’s club gets to be this year’s best dark beer in the world. Its mixture of malt, hops, and coffee with caramel have led this splendid beverage obtain the international title in a competition held in London, England.

The 10-year-old brewery is located in Seine-Saint-Denis, north of Paris, where five artisans guard the secret recipe and bring to life the terrific Tha … Wack. But something we can share is that in this small brewery, everything is done by hand.

The brewery also sells its products at FrogPubs, FrogBurgers, and special stores and bars all over Ile de France.

Their recent growth in popularity, especially for its champion beer, Tha … Wack, has motivated the company to opt for a bigger place to produce larger quantities and meet their demand much faster.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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