France. The symbolic threshold exceeded for the first time in spirits exports

For the first time France exceeds the symbolic threshold of 4 billion euros in exports of spirits (+6%), driven by exports of cognac now exceeding 3 billion euros (+11%). Export volumes of spirits increased by 2.4% to 52 million cases.

But in France the domestic market is dominated by cocktails and premiumisation, a trend in mass consumption. Consumers are willing to pay 20% more than the average in their category as long as they get quality products. Sales of French wines increased (+10%), reaching a profit of 8.7 billion euros. This means a positive increase in wine exports, which translates into a +6% increase in export volume. Together, French wine and spirits exports are mainly to the United States.

Antoine Leccia, president of the Federation of Wines and Spirits (FEVS), predicts that the 2018 market will be a challenge despite the success of 2017. Partly due to a 2017 weak harvest and, among other reasons, an uncertain international environment and currency fluctuations. Nevertheless, he assures that with the active support of the State, they will have to strengthen and deploy the leadership of FEVS and that of France in the world and for the benefit of all.


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