Gin sales in the UK keep rising

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A shining success. Gin in the UK is growing non-stop, especially thanks to pink and flavoured gins.

According to a CGA report, data experts, 8.9 million people consumed gin outside their homes between the beginning of the year and the month of May. This figure is equivalent to 2.3 million consumers year-over-year. This growth is mainly driven by pink gin and flavored gins.

This performance contributed $489 million in growth to the gin segment. In fact, approximately 5.1 million consumers say they prefer pink gin. That number has doubled, to about 2.2 million, in one year.

In total, 68.6 percent of the sales growth in gin comes from pink gin.

Women prefer pink gin

The CGA study also reveals that women make up a large part of this sector. In fact, seven out of ten consumers of pink gin are women. In fact, seven out of ten consumers of pink gin are women. Other information reveals that women account for between 70 and 80 percent of consumer spending, with pink gin being a product intended for women.

Another sector of the population that drives sales of pink gin are the millennials. The brand director of Beefeater Gin explains: “We have seen that the millennia are interested in cocktails with increasingly diverse flavors.


Endless growth for gin?

Sales of gin in general in the United Kingdom are growing steadily, and despite the sectorisation of this drink, it seems this growth will rather keep up this pace.

CGA’s Director of Beverage Customer Service says, “CGA research shows that there is no end in sight to the remarkable renaissance of gin sales.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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