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What’s up with Kendall Jenner’s tequila again? 818

The launch of Kendall Jenner’s “818” tequila was not exactly what she envisioned. The negative response was immediate, as fans objected to the idea of a celebrity taking credit and profit from a tequila that is sacred to the Mexican region.

The Daily Mail reports that she was accused of profiting from a prized Mexican asset that is directly linked to Mexican culture and also came under fire for a highly controversial ad campaign that many felt was indicative of cultural appropriation. In an effort to save face, it is now reinvesting in the local Mexican community by building homes for the poor and disadvantaged citizens of the area.

The flame that lit the fire was in the advertising campaign Jenner had orchestrated for the launch of his new product. Perhaps without fully thinking about it, and yet another example of the reality TV star and supermodel’s lack of tone, fans around the world took exception to the way Kendall presented her tequila to the world.

The ad was met with heavy criticism after the image showed several Jalisco agave farm workers working in the background, while Jenner was seen posing with pigtails on a horse, taking center stage, and earning money from her hard work.

Realizing she had to do something to change the negative narrative now attached to the brand she worked so hard to launch, Jenner just announced that she is putting her profits toward improving the community from which she sourced the tequila in the first place.

Some say it’s too little too late, while others are happy to see that she has responded to the backlash and initiated a focus on improvement.


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