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Heineken Silver, new beer by Heineken

Heineken has launched Heineken Silver, “a new beer for a new generation of beer drinkers,” in the cruise and ferry markets.

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Heineken’s 4% alcohol beer is brewed using a cold brewing process at -1°C to deliver a “crisp taste and subtle finish.”

According to the brand, Silver is balanced to offer a lighter drinking profile that “works across a broad spectrum of drinking occasions.” The company believes that no other beer has been developed with such a precise focus on the specific needs of its target audience.

Christian Klimpke, Heineken Duty Free Global Account Director for Cruise, said, “With its refreshing and easy-to-drink taste profile, Silver is the ideal onboard beverage for any occasion.”

Our research shows increasing consumer demand for conscious drinking with accessible, premium-style, lighter drinks with less alcohol; a trend that has grown by 40% in the last five years, across all age groups and especially notable among millennial, Generation Y and Generation Z drinkers.”

He noted that Silver is approachable and inclusive and has a contemporary look that makes it “ideal for social occasions and perfect for the cruise and ferry market.”

We believe 4% ABV is a ‘sweet spot’, providing the balance consumers desire and, as lager is undervalued among Generation Y and Generation Z drinkers, Heineken Silver is a great opportunity for us to engage with this crucial audience.”

Klimpke said Heineken has taken a holistic approach to the Silver launch, with activations for consumers, end customers and the team.


Heineken Silver: brewed with the same ingredients used in the brand’s 149-year history.

Water, barley malt, hop extract and A-Yeast. To ensure that its taste meets the needs of a new generation of drinkers, its flavor profile, according to Heineken, is “unmistakably aligned with the original classic flavor profile of its ‘big brother’.”

Willem van Waesberghe, Heineken’s global head of brewing, commented, “Heineken Silver has been crafted to be a pleasure for all audiences, and the perfect companion to celebrate authentic moments of joy and real beer moments.”

Heineken Silver will be launched in the cruise and ferry markets throughout 2022. It will initially be available in 330ml bottles.

Reflecting marketing channels and formats that provide optimal reach to Generation Y and Generation Z, Heineken Silver’s physical launch was preceded by an intriguing social media campaign in the Metaverse as “the world’s first virtual beer.”

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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