Highland Park and its cocktail made of hot chocolate and scotch

Highland Park is the northernmost distillery in the world in Orkney, an island in the north of Scotland. The latter has been making scotch “with a Viking soul” since 1798. Indeed, Orkney was ruled by the Vikings until 1468: the founder of Highland Park was a direct descendant of the Vikings. The current team is even proud of its roots.

Today, Highland Park offers you an exquisite alcoholic hot chocolate recipe. Invented by Lauren McDougall, Cocktail Manager and Beverage Manager at Great Northern Food Hall in New York: “It seems that Magnus single malt Scotch whisky has a smooth enough finish to match hot chocolate perfectly.

We reveal just below the famous recipe :
– bring the water to a boil,
– mix with a cocoa package,
– add Highland Park Magnus and a pinch of salt,
– take large marshmallows and coat them with Magnus with a pastry brush and dip them in raw brown sugar,
– light the flame on the marshmallows and place them on the hot cocktail.

Flamed, your cocktail will be as good as it is beautiful! And whatever your whisky preferences, your winter will also be milder with this magical preparation.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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