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In New York? You can now enjoy Dante’s cocktails in canned form

Dante, the best bar in the world (nominated in 2019 and 2020) launches a range of canned cocktails of their best recipes. Read more here.

The best bar in the world located in New York, Dante, developed this line of canned cocktails with Five Drinks Co.

The Miami-based company, Five Drinks, which opened last year, found a clear opportunity to get off to a good start with Dante. Canned cocktails have become a trend category. Global sales in this sector currently reach $20 billion but are expected to reach $146 billion over the next 10 years, according to an industry report. It is worth noting that Five Drinks focuses on high-end canned cocktails, emphasizing that their cocktails are prepared with “all-natural, high-quality ingredients.

Dante, which actually exists since 1915 when it was an old school Italian café, became the best bar in the world (twice in a row) and one of the best in craft cocktails in New York.

The cocktails can be sent to your door (if you are in New York), and what better occasion – unfortunately – than the present one to enjoy them. In fact, the bar is closed due to the current circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

From now on, fans of the bar and those who don’t know it yet will be able to order Dante’s canned cocktails at home. Whether at home or in the park, Dante cocktails will stick with you.

Among the range of canned cocktails by Dante we find:

  • Summer Spritz: gin, elderflower cordial, cucumber, lemon and grape juice
  • American 2.0: a mixture of vermouth and amaro.
  • Gin + Tonic
  • Paloma
  • Watermelon vodka soda
  • Mojito
  • Margarita
  • Moscow Mule

Each type of cocktail comes in four-can presentations for $13.99. In fact, this is the price of a cocktail at the bar. But don’t be discouraged if you doubt its quality. Linden Pride and his wife Nathalie Hudson, co-owners of the bar, claim that the quality of the cocktail is just as high as the ones they make at the bar.

Renowned for their expertise in the beverage industry, Five Drinks Co wanted to collaborate with Dante who in turn are also renowned for their quality and expertise in cocktails. Pride says, “I have wanted to bring the quality and experience of Dante and our cocktails to a wider group of people for a long time“.


Creative ways to keep the bar going

City dwellers will be able to visit Dante as soon as possible. But for now it remains to enjoy the bar’s new range of canned cocktails. In addition, Dante has made available to customers the possibility of enjoying “The Martini Hour” and Negroni Signature Sessions from the house. Each cocktail kit comes complete with illustrated coasters, matches, Dante signature playlists, recipes and tips.

Currently Dante as well as other bars have had to remain closed. The bar is also a perfect place for lunch and dinner. Although eating out is slowly returning to the five boroughs of the city, the bars are struggling to keep up. That is why not only Dante, but many bars have had to resort to creative ways to create business. Since the pandemic began, Dante has been offering their cocktail menu, other drinks and food to go and take away.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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