How did collecting whiskey became so important

The phenomenon of recent times, collecting whisky. Such an important fact in the world of the investment of spirits, today the sale of some bottles reach absurd figures.

Whisky auctions are becoming more and more popular with collectors and investors. Just in November a bottle of Macallan 1926 painted by the artist Michael Dillon, reached the figure of 1.5 million dollars in Christies. In fact, the demand for single malt whiskies is such that it is becoming more and more expensive for the auction house.

So why the frenzy? Whisky specialists as Martin Green from Bonhams, argues that collecting rare whisky became so important as many people yearn for status. More specifically, these people are investors from Southeast Asia. Although other reasons for collecting whisky are of course according to Martin Green, the mystical charm of the taste and quality of individual artisanal malts.

In the digital world this phenomenon also finds its success. Online auctions have a client base that joins the demand for whisky. Participating in these auctions either online or in person is reputable and attractive.

The last announced and expected auction that took place to increase the frenzy was the sale of Scottish Highland Single Malt Royal Lochnagar 30 years. A bottle that marks the 140th anniversary of the visit of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1848 to the distillery. Of it, 20 remain in existence and the auction began at the price of £1,450, finally auctioned through for a price of £9,100.

The interest in unique and rare whisky bottles will not cease, in fact, the last bottles sold at impressive prices valued not less than a million dollars, will only reinforce this desire to participate in an investment that in the long term can only promise a fruitful future.


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