Top whisky you should buy before Brexit

With the arrival of Brexit we have wondered a lot about the future of Scotch whisky. But first of all, buy premium whisky before Brexit!

We recommend these scotch whiskies that you should have in your collection before it becomes more difficult to get one of these bottles due to Brexit. Some countries such as the United States have already secured the whisky trade with Scotland. The situation surrounding Brexit is however very uncertain. So you can rest assured and buy some of them easily via the web, for example, on specialised sites.


Glenmorangie Nectar d’Or

Top whisky you should buy before Brexit

This single malt whisky comes from the Highlands, the mythical Highlands. Glenmorangie produces this whisky by finishing it in barrels dedicated to the French wine Sauternes.

Its tasting notes are: lemonade, icing sugar, vanilla, nougat and maple on the nose. Progressively sweeter. In the mouth it is rich and silky, remarkably fruity, with notes of spicy orange and brittle toffee. Medium length finish, with ginger bathed in milk chocolate and persistent toffee. –TotalWine


Auchentoshan Three Wood

Top whisky you should buy before Brexit

Unlike Nectar d’Or, Three Wood is produced in the Auchentoshan distilleries of the the Scottish Lowlands. Another single malt triple distilled and aged in barrels of Oloroso, bourbon and sherry Pedro Jimenez.

Its tasting notes are: deep and complex golden color. Brown sugar, orange, plum and raisins, aroma of fruits, syrup and hazelnuts with hints of cinnamon and lemon. The sweetness of buttery caramel increases the overall complexity. -TotalWine


Ardbeg Uigeadail

Top whisky you should buy before Brexit

A single malt from the Islay island in the Scottish archipelago of the Inner Hebrides. Its name Uigeadail comes from the lake where the water of Ardbeg flows. This whisky was named best whisky in the world in 2009 by the famous Jim Murray in his Whisky Bible. Aged in former barrels of sherry and bourbon.

It’s tasting notes are: sweet and smoky finish and grape notes thanks to the sherry barrels.


Glenfarclas 25

Top whisky you should buy before Brexit

A whiskey from the Glenfarclas distillery in Speyside. This 25 year old whisky has also been aged in Oloroso barrels.

Its tasting notes are: amber with dark golden reflections, ripe and sweet, with aromas of orange jam, honey, coffee, sherry and walnut. The finish is fresh with a long lasting smoked malt. -Total Wine


Talisker 18

Top whisky you should buy before Brexit

The 18 year old Talisker from Islands is the most famous single malt produced in the region.

Its tasting notes are: suitably resistant, explosive and powerful malt. Refined, smoked and with peat.


Springbank 15

Top whisky you should buy before Brexit

Springbank is from the Campbeltown region, once known as the “Whisky Capital of the World”. It is the most handcrafted whisky in Scotland, produced in its entirety on site. Springbank Fifteen is richer and more complex than its successor 12 years.

Its tasting notes are: elegant, ripe and pleasantly round. Slightly sweet with notes of smoked, biscuit, vanilla, coarse barley, brine and berries. -TotalWine


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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