“In Peru, Pisco Portón now becomes Caravedo”, by François Monti

The new name, announced at Bar Convent Brooklyn, will be introduced worldwide in the coming months.

Produced by Johnny Schuler, a Peruvian restaurateur whose expertise in Pisco is recognized worldwide, Portón is, since its introduction in the United States in 2011, on of the most sought-after brands by American mixologists. The brand’s three Piscos mostos verdes – quebranta, acholado and torontel – are distilled at Hacienda La Caravedo. Founded in 1684, it is the oldest distillery still operating in South America.

The Caravedo was already the name of a range of more humble piscos also produced by Schuler. The change from Portón to Caravedo should probably be understood as a realignment of the portfolio. Another novelty: the appearance of nutritional data on the back label of the bottle to highlight the qualities of pisco – produced without additives, unlike other spirits from the region. However, the brand’s iconic bottle will not change.

François Monti

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