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In Spain whisky takes the lead, but gin is still the favorite

Gin, Spain’s favourite, is slightly overlooked by whisky, which accounts for 28.9% of the total market value.

Photos by Afonso Coutinho on Unsplash // Dima Fedorov on Unsplash

Product segmentation puts whisky first. In Spain, they account for 28.9% of the total market value. In spite of maintaining a favourable position, the latter experienced a decline which brought its sales to 480 million euros. It is followed by gin with a turnover of 365 million euros, with 22% of the total market. According to Informa D&B.

While in 2018 it was announced that the experience associated with gin and tonic was growing, whisky was threatened by the growing fame of this drink. In 2017, gin had a 19% market share after growing by 3.6%. Whisky sales increased by only 2.9%.

Today, the roles of these drinks take turns. Now the whisky category is still the most consumed in Spain. More specifically, malt whisky seduces consumers with the latest releases from brands such as Glenfiddich, which ranks third in its category in Spain. Also, reserve whiskies are growing. Both types of whisky increased by 0.4% and 0.1%, although the general category fell by 3.4%.


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