Investing on a bar? Make sure it is profitable

There are plenty of reasons why would rather invest on launching a bar than a restaurant. First of all, alcohol doesn’t perish, unlike food. Storage is also something to consider and in terms of sales, alcohol is also a winner. In other words, a bar is more profitable than a restaurant.

But, the fact that this is true, does not mean your bar will become your millionaire business. There is a list with important points to consider if opening a new bar is part of your future plans.


How to create a profitable bar:

  • Hire great bartenders. This is vital and an obligation.
  • Create a style: choose a design and decoration to create your identity.
  • Invest on good equipment; watch out of the quality of bottles, taps, shakers, glassware, garnishes, etc.
  • Service and proficiency; the more drinks you serve in the least amount of time, the better.
  • Functionality; take a deep and careful consideration to the menu.


Maximize your bar profit by choosing the right design

Let’s state the obvious, the more drinks that go out, the more money you get, but when running a bar even second matters.

In order to maximize the time spent on serving drinks, you have to be the most efficient as possible.

How to be efficient? This is not only about having a really fast bartender. Efficiency has also to do with the bar’s general concept, including its design.

You must provide enough space for bartenders to facilitate their work. Nowadays, bar designers have embraced cockpit-inspired designs with components that are easy to reach. This will boost up a busy bar’s profitability.

Finding a good place for storage is also important. Don’t spend your time and money with beautiful looking designs before considering how your storage room would be like and where it will be placed.


Artisanal ice: the new trend in bars

Because cocktails of today do not need just ice, they need “crafted ice” with original forms, the bar industry is heading towards an obligated creativity and uniqueness to satisfy this new type of customers.

Did you ever think that that ice might be your most important ingredient to accomplish this new challenge? Forget about offering mediocre cocktails to clients, artisanal ice is your answer to successful and original drinks. Whether it’s an ice sphere in a martini or a huge geometrical ice chunk on a rock’s glass, this trend is becoming more popular as new competitors arrive.

If you want your bar to be truly unique, you need craft cocktails with real ice representations, each one with a different ice style; these could come on various shapes, sizes, and even flavors in order to differentiate each one.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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