Kavalan enters the gin market for the first time with the new Kavalan gin

Kavalan is a whisky brand based in Taiwan. Kavalan diversifies by launching a new triple distilled gin, which will be marketed worldwide.

Kavalan Gin is a 40% ABV alcohol that has been filtered twice on charcoal and distilled three times in traditional copper stills. The drink is made from the same malted barley spirit as the one used for the brand’s whisky. The drink also contains a blend of six 100% natural botanical extracts such as kumquat, star fruit and guava, creating a sweet and lemony aroma. The finesse of this gin, like their whiskies, is based on the mineral-rich water they get from the Snow Mountain springs.

Kavalan says this drink is the first in a new series of drinks called Kavalan Exquisite Gins.

YT Lee, CEO of Kavalan, said: “We want to offer a new gin experience this year. That is why, in addition to traditional plants such as juniper, anise and coriander, we give a taste of Kavalan’s house in Yilan, with its kumquat zest, dried fruit and botanical extracts of red fleshed guava.

Ian Chang, the master blender of Kavalan added : “After more than 10 years of whisky making, I wanted to try gin and contribute to the rebirth of gin in the world”.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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