Jamaica Rum Festival hits March 9-10

The Jamaica Rum Festival will be held in Kingston from March 9-10, hosted by Appleton Estates Rum in conjunction with the Jamaica Tourist Board and the Tourism Enhancement Fund. Other rums include Wray And Nephew, Jamaican white rum par excellence and Charley’s JB Overproofed Rum.

For two days you can taste rum cocktails such as Ginger Wray, JB Bitters, X-Ale and attend specialized workshops led by ambassadors such as Ian Burrell, Global Rum Ambassador who is one of the most traveled and acclaimed figures in the beverage industry. Master Blender Joy Spence and Senior Blender David Morrison of Appleton Estates will also participate.

The festival is more than just a rum-centered event, it’s a culinary and gastronomic event. Participants will be able to sample Jamaican food at the local food fair and other specialties as well as food pairing workshops. Live music and artists will animate the atmosphere.

Pre-sale tickets can be obtained directly from Jamaican bars or the Jamaica Rum Festival website.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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