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Last Mountain whisky distillery wins two gold medals and Best Wheat Whisky award


The Canadian Whisky Awards rewarded the Lumsden-based distillery with double gold, a “major achievement,” according to its spokesperson.

Last Mountain Distillery won two gold medals at the annual Canadian Whisky Awards, which rewards the best of this country’s whisky.

In addition to the gold, Last Mountain won three silver medals and two bronze medals. In addition, they won the award for Best Wheat Whisky with the Single Cast Wheat Whisky.

The distillery’s whiskies are young, something that stood out for the brand during the awards. “To compare ourselves to certain big distilleries that have been producing for years, and putting out 12- and 15-year-old whiskies, and for our 5-year-old whiskies to be up there and beating some of them, is a testament to what’s going on with Saskatchewan craft distilleries,” said Braeden Raiwet, spokesperson.

The Canadian Whisky Awards competition features blind tastings by an independent panel of judges from across the country.

Last Mountain Distillery is Saskatchewan’s first micro-distillery founded by Colin and Meredith Schmidt. Together they are committed to creating the finest organic, handcrafted, high quality distillates.

In addition to whiskey, the distillery is also known for producing vodka, rum, moonshine and spirits. Discover it here.


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