Liquoristerie de Provence: traditional spirits

The Liquoristerie de Provence brings together four ranges reminiscent of traditional flavours. Through the selection and maceration of local and natural plants and spices, they create various handcrafted liqueurs.



Liquoristerie de Provence: traditional spirits

There are three Liquoristerie aniseed products. P’tit Bleu, a pastis of tradition and of great gustatory quality. A unique color characterizes it, produced with the same process of Blue Curaçao. Also, a more original Pastis Le Pastis du Liquoriste, a liqueur of multiple flavors. It is a true reference for its complexity and originality of the recipe. Awarded in the Concours Général Agricole 2019 with the silver medal. Finally, Aqualanca, an anise characterized by its freshness thanks to the fresh bitter plants that compose it, in addition to star anise, without liquorice or additional spice.


Liquoristerie de Provence: traditional spirits

Made up of six types of liqueurs, this range is divided into different flavours such as thyme flower liqueur, fig flower, lavender flower, angelica flower, vervena cello, and the particular melons of Cavaillon with almond.


Liquoristerie de Provence: traditional spirits

Liquoristerie de Provence also offers a range of Absentas. Three Absinthe, one classic, the Versinthe; the first sold in France after the ban of 1915. The white Versinthe, distilled at low temperature, strong with the finesse of 20 plants. Finally, the classic green absinthe Versinthe La Verte pays homage to the original absinthe.

Italian products

Liquoristerie de Provence: traditional spirits

In addition, there are sparkling wines such as prosecco Oro. Exceptional, it is characterized by its fine and light bubbles. It is ideal to enhance the most delicate dishes and perfectly accompanies desserts. Also, serves as a great aperitif. It lends itself well to creating cocktails with the Liquoristerie’s thyme liqueur. The liquor store also creates a golden limoncello, fruity, fresh and tasty.


Innovation at the heart of the Liquoristerie

This year the liquor store launches two products, a gin “Le Poulpe Bleu”, with botanicals from the southern coves, and with botanicals characteristic of the region such as thyme, rosemary, angelica, coriander, iris root, rose, among others.

Finally the creation premiered in May, a Basque bitter, Le Bitter des Basques. A bitter whose original recipe dates back to the 19th century. Excellent for preparing a Pepper Spritz. Composed of gentian, bitter orange, sassafras, cardamom, Espelette pepper, among others.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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