American athlete Lebron James ventures into the Tequila world

Lebron James has invested in Lobos 1707 Tequila that should be released throughout the United States in early 2021.

Tequila Lobos 1707, is a brand founded by Diego Osorio and Dia Simms (CEO). The range includes an extra añejo, reposado, joven and mezcal artesanal.

The basketball star has invested in the tequila company together with his partner and friend Maverick Carter. Both are looking to build “a strong brand for consumers with diverse leadership,” according to a statement.

James and Carter are both part of the Main Street Advisor investment group. The group co-managed the investment in Lobos 1707, along with Mezorio Spirits. Other investors include basketball players Anthony Davis and Draymond Green, sports broker Rich Paul and the Torch Capital investment group.

I knew the first time I tasted Lobos 1707 Tequila that it was special,” James said. “When I learned more about the history of the brand and its leadership team, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

Lobos 1707 is about celebrating the strength of the group and bringing people together. It’s about shared passions and values. I love tasting Tequila with my friends, and we want a brand that speaks to us“.

The tequila has been finished in Pedro Ximénez barrels from Spain. The mezcal Lobos 1707 is also produced with agave espadín which has been cooked in a fire pit in Oaxaca.

Lobos 1707 is a premium brand, and our distinctive aging process satisfies the need for an accelerated category,” said Simms. “After I first tried Lobos 1707, I fell in love with the liquid and the history of the brand. We have an incredible liquid, beautiful packaging and a proud heritage. Our vision is to reach out to the customer community through our values as well as our products.


Launch scheduled for 2021

The entire range is currently available in restaurants in New York City, Florida and California, and online at Reserve Bar, but is scheduled to launch throughout the U.S. and Mexico in early 2021.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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