Scottish gin and whiskey distillery could create 30 jobs

The new £5 million distillery is a new project by Barra Distillers Ltd and would take place in Scotland. Read more here.

Barra Distillers Ltd, who already produce gin, will build this distillery in the Western Isles of Scotland. At the new site the distillery would produce not only gin, but also whisky. This project would create at least 30 potential jobs.

Sustainable materials and renewable energy will be used for the construction of the £5 million distillery.


A visitor center, store and cafe/bar are planned as part of the project. The distillery is expected to unveil an implementation plan during May.

For inspiration, Barra drew on the story of the Whisky Galore, a shipwreck whose film was shot on the island in 1948. The film is an adaptation of the book by Compton MacKenzie, which was inspired by the grounding of a freighter carrying more than 250,000 bottles of whisky.

Via BBC News


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