Mad men … is mad about canadians tipping their bars and restaurants!

In a very cheerful video, Jon Hamm the actor of Mad Men, congratulates the Canadians for supporting SkipTheDishes tipping their restaurants and bars. Learn more here.

SkipTheDishes along with Jon Hamm congratulated the Canadians for helping their favorite restaurants virtually. The initiative supports small restaurants during the covid-19 crisis. Jon Hamm, is of American origin, but was empathetic in this initiative congratulating the Canadians for supporting the initiative. In the video he takes a tour of several cities and mentions local restaurants that have received help. Chilliwack, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Barrie, Moose Jaw, and even Hamilton. The actor joked about the latter city saying that they could rename it “Hammilton” referring to his last name.

The program follows the initial and immediate response to covid-19, which has already provided more than $5 million in commission discounts to restaurant partners across the country since its launch on March 19.

A few days later, on March. 23, Skip rolled out the option for customers to tip their favorite local restaurants. To date, Skip has collected more than $200,000 in tips to allow restaurants to continue.

Skip will provide about $7 million in additional discounts to local and independent restaurants that are part of its network through May. And while the dining rooms remain closed.


More helps in view

SkipTheDishes has not forgotten the alcohol delivery either. Skip has worked directly with the provincial governments of Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia to support new legislation allowing restaurants to sell alcohol with food orders. This is an important means of stimulating the restaurant industry and supporting social distancing.

They will also continue to invest in local businesses, taking orders from restaurant partners. Thanks to marketing and order-driving plans for restaurants across Canada. SkipTheDishes says it will continue to monitor the situation closely.

In addition, from now on, they will donate an additional dollar to the Food Bank of Canada for every dollar of tip given to a local restaurant through Skip as part of this commitment.

For more information visit the SkipTheDishes website.


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